together we can reach the nation’s largest and most influential state with the gospel.

California for Christ is a group of Baptist pastors in California who endeavor to promote the need of our state and partner with church planters to provide friendship, mentoring, and financial support.
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By Paul Chappell

California is a state in need of
the gospel.

Forty million people call California their home, and in many ways this state leads and sets a cultural direction for the rest of the country. There are dozens of large cities without a soulwinning independent Baptist church. 

Jesus Christ is the answer for California.

We firmly believe that together, we can make a significant impact for the gospel of Jesus Christ in this needy state. We are asking pastors and churches from around the country to join in prayer, strategic soulwinning, and church planting to reach the golden state.

The Purpose of California for Christ

1. To Equip Churches state-wide in developing soulwinning programs, and training in personal evangelism.

2. To Establish New Churches in all 58 counties.

3. To Engage Local Churches in church planting and awareness of legislation that threatens religious liberty.

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Joey Diaz

Church Planting in Fullerton, CA


Robbie Yapp

Church Planting in Hawthorne, CA


James Kim

Church Planting in Orange County, CA

Major Metro Areas in need of church plants


Legal Resources

View resources relating to legislation and political issues in our state

Church Planting Resources

View resources that will equip and prepare church planters in California

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Los Angeles Baptist Church

Pastor Salvador Menjivar and his family have been faithfully serving in The Los Angeles Baptist Church since 1999.
Before becoming a pastor he was a member of Lancaster Baptist Church, serving faithfully as a deacon and in various other ministries. Pastor at that time had a thriving business in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. However, God put it in his heart to sell his business and move from his home in Lancaster, California to the Los Angeles area. With his pastor’s approval he began to plant the Los Angeles Baptist Church.

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Latest California For Christ Meeting

“I can think of no greater cause for pastors and churches to rally around than the cause of cooperating to see more churches planted in our needy state!  This is our time, this is our place, and we must be the ones to step up and reach out for the cause of Christ.”

Stephen Chappell

“What California needs more than ever is an intentional church planting effort. California4Christ is an opportunity for churches to strategically band together and see God do something great in our day.”

“We all know California’s only hope is the Gospel. California for Christ is a real, tangible way churches can get involved in church planting throughout our state.”

“California for Christ is mission critical. Without an intentional, organized church planting effort in our state, California will not be reached with the Gospel. Now is the time for churches to band together and get something done.”

“I appreciate Pastor Chappell’s vision to get churches planted in our State. I am excited to partner with California4Christ and other churches for this great effort.”

Parry Dalzell

“I love California! It’s where I was born, and it’s where I’m called to serve. Never before has this need been greater. Never before has this opportunity been more urgent. Let’s reach California for Christ, one of the greatest mission fields in the world.”

Joel Counts