Los Angeles Baptist Church

Pastor Salvador Menjivar and his family have been faithfully serving in The Los Angeles Baptist Church since 1999.
Before becoming a pastor he was a member of Lancaster Baptist Church, serving faithfully as a deacon and in various other ministries. Pastor at that time had a thriving business in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. However, God put it in his heart to sell his business and move from his home in Lancaster, California to the Los Angeles area. With his pastor’s approval he began to plant the Los Angeles Baptist Church.


1997 – Paul Chappell, Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, had a burden of planting a church in the Los Angeles area.

June 6, 1998- Through many prayers and support, a soulwinning team lead by William Miracle and Radford Wong started in Los Angeles. The first meetings took place at the Belmont High School. Later on that year, another place for meeting was secured.

June of 1999- Bro. Salvador Menjivar graduated from Bible college, and was searching for God’s plan. He came to Los Angeles Baptist Church by recommendation of Pastor Paul Chappell, to attend a Mission Service. In that service there were 48 first time visitors.
September 5, 1999 – God led Bro. Salvador Menjivar to be the Pastor of Los Angeles Baptist Church, and the first official service was held.

April 9, 2000- The Ordination Service for Salvador Menjivar was held at Lancastser Baptist Church.

April 16, 2000- Bro. Salvador Menjivar became the Pastor of Los Angeles Baptist Church at the Charter Service.

2001- The auditorium was expanded and pews were donated to the Church.

2002 -The Los Angeles Baptist Church had the first fundraising banquet for the building project.

2003 -The Church aquires the second floor of the building, doubling the size that it had before. That same year, the first deacon was ordained.

2004 -The second deacon was ordained, and more Sunday School classes were added.

2006 -The third deacon was ordained.

March 29, 2011 – The Los Angeles Baptist Church purchased its very own building.

July 3, 2011- The Church officially moved into its new location.

January 2013- AWANA was added into the children’s ministry.

September 2014- The church celebrates its 15th anniversary.

April 7, 2019 – Grand Opening of the church at the new Wadsworth location.

September 2019 – The church celebrates its 20th anniversary.