Church Planting Resources

California has many needs, but no need greater than soul winning, bible preaching churches to reach and disciple people through biblical truth. California for Christ is not a missions agency, and we do not replace the important role of a sending church. California for Christ helps connect California church planters with logistic and financial support to assist in their church plant

Ministry 127 Church Planting Articles

Christian Law Association

Resources to help you get started legally

Church Planters: Characteristics to Appreciate

3 Essential Components of a Church Plant

Free Resources for Church Planters

Types of Support

Outreach/Canvassing Teams

Partner churches can provide groups of members to canvas a community to get prospects, create awareness for the new church, and share the gospel


Connect with established pastors near the church plant for encouragement and fellowship

Financial Support

Receive support for opening expenses, tract printing, and other start up costs

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